Know the Signs, Fight for Victory

The Marfan Virtual Friendly Connection Program gives individuals an opportunity to connect with another person who is on a similar journey with Marfan syndrome.

Whether you are affected directly or are a family member of an affected person, you can connect and participate regardless of your location. 

Our new virtual-friendly connection program kicked off in 2022 via zoom. Parents, young adults, and those just looking to meet a friend were able to connect with others in this new guided format.

For a community that frequently experiences isolation, this is a great opportunity to connect with others one-on-one.

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Adolescent, Angry & Aware: Learning to make sense of ourselves and our bodies

Have you ever found yourself in a group of new friends and pushed yourself a little (or a lot) because you didn’t want to bring up your diagnosis?  Have you ever felt anxious about going to your cardiology appointment and thought “I could put this off for another few months?” You are not alone.  There are a number of reasons people avoid seeing their cardiologist: not having specialist healthcare centres close enough to where you live, inadequate health insurance, not…