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The Foundation takes pride in meeting and exceeding the standards of excellence regarding accountability, transparency and good governance set forth by the National Health Council. The Marfan Foundation has been a member in good standing since 2002. In addition, the Foundation is 4-star Charity Navigator Charity and has earned the Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency, the highest awards offered by these organizations.

We are supported by contributions from our members and friends, as well as by individual, corporate, and foundation grants. We actively seek tax deductible contributions for programs that help us advance our mission.

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Our major sources of funding include the following:

  • Special Events

    We hold many events throughout the year to raise awareness of Marfan syndrome and related conditions and raise critical funds to support our mission. Approximately 39% ($1.5 mm in Fiscal Year 2020) of the Foundation’s total annual revenue was raised through special events which included Heartworks Galas, Walks, and other special events.

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  • Foundations

    Our Foundation receives support from other organizations or foundations which was approximately 12% ($432K in Fiscal Year 2020) of the Foundation’s total annual revenue.

  • Corporate Support

    Corporations support the Foundation’s mission through sponsorship of special events, corporate gifts, employee matching programs, workplace programs, grants, in-kind contributions, and more. Approximately 21% ($762K in Fiscal Year 2020) of the Foundation’s total annual revenue was raised through corporate support.

    Gifts in the form of real property, endowments, and deferred gifts in the form of wills, bequests, trusts, and insurance benefits are welcome in accordance with our gift acceptance policy.

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