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Since its inception in 1986, our research program has had a significant impact and embraces many of the new and exciting advancements occurring in genetic aortic and vascular research.

Our research grant program is designed to incorporate support for transformational science allowing for longer, multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional collaborative grants that span over four years, while maintaining key goals to help develop career scientists at all levels. Proposals received should be transformational in the sense that they use human material or data and/or should be highly relevant and easily transitioned to human research and include a larger strategy towards patient care.

Our grant program provides financial support for investigators studying any or all disciplines involving Marfan syndrome, VEDS, EDS, LDS, and other aortic and vascular conditions. Grant awards are based on proposal evaluation by The Marfan Foundation Scientific Advisory Board with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Everest Award
Letter of Intent Due January 31, 2023

This is a large, multi-institutional transformational grant designed to “reach the summit” on a critical path to a breakthrough in basic or translational science that has direct relevance to human health. It must include an institutionally funded graduate student or fellow. Engagement of multi-disciplinary investigators or pharma would be highly desirable. Single grant of $200,000 per year for four years based on yearly milestone review.

Innovators Award
Application Due October 26, 2022

This award is for faculty members to explore an innovative concept in “translational” science that has applicability to improving human health. Examples could include fundamental research, clinical research, diagnostic tests, biomarkers, biomedical engineering advances, and imaging advances. Collection of data for improved evidence-based medical guidance are of great interest. This award is for $100,000 over two years ($50,000 per year).

Career Development Award
Application Due October 26, 2022

This award for $100,000 over two years ($50,000 per year) is designed to support investigators early in their career to derive preliminary data in a key concept area that has high potential to lead to extended funding from NIH, EU, and other large research funding sources.

Victor McKusick Fellowship
Application Due January 31, 2023

This award is for $150,000 for an MD and $100,000 for a PhD, over two years. It is designed to support postdoctoral fellows embarking on a scientific career in biomedical research related to Marfan syndrome or any of the genetic aortic or vascular conditions that are within the Foundation’s scope of interest.

For further information, please contact Lauren May, MPH, Research Director at

Funded Grants: 2015-2021

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