Know the Signs, Fight for Victory

As a result of our long-time commitment, we have turned the tide for Marfan research. We work with world-class scientists who are equally dedicated to our goal of creating a brighter future for people living with Marfan syndrome and related conditions. And, through our research grant program, we have grown the number of researchers studying Marfan syndrome and advancing research that improves diagnosis and treatment for the various body systems affected by Marfan syndrome.

In addition, the research we’ve championed has identified new conditions related to Marfan syndrome, which not only allows for better, more specific diagnoses, but also helps to pinpoint more effective treatments for Marfan syndrome and the related conditions.

To expand the impact of our efforts, we push the government to fund the research that will improve and save lives. Further, we facilitate the sharing of knowledge about Marfan syndrome and related conditions through conferences, symposia, and partnerships with governmental agencies and other health organizations. We continue to push research forward research for both Marfan syndrome and related conditions because advances in fighting Marfan syndrome help us take steps toward victory in related conditions—and vice versa.

Each year, The Marfan Foundation pursues the most innovative research by providing support through our research grant program. Through our grant program and other commitments, we funded $1.3 million in research in the past year. 

2023 Studies

In 2023, we received 35 proposals and awarded six research grants to scientists ranging from seasoned investigators to emerging researchers. Five of the new grants were awarded to first-time applicants, helping to expand our circle of researchers. We provided grants to two international researchers as well. Through our grant program and other commitments, we funded $1.3 million dollars in research this year.  As a result of our efforts in 2023, grants will help researchers investigate some of the following areas of study:

  • Investigating novel imaging methods for predicting aortic dissection and rupture 
  • Identifying future therapeutic targets for thoracic aortic aneurysm
  • Using machine learning models to potentially predict the risk of developing an aortic dissection

In addition to the newly awarded research grants, the Foundation provided funding for additional researchers who were awarded multi-year grants in the past two years. 

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