Know the Signs, Fight for Victory

Emergencies can happen. Be ready.

Living with Marfan syndrome, Loeys-Dietz, Vascular Ehlers Danlos (VEDS), or any related genetic aortic condition means that emergency medical providers may need life-saving information about your condition in order to accurately treat you in an emergency.

It also means that family, friends, and caregivers should have quick, clear, and easy access to medical information that help them guide your care, should you need their assistance.

For years, we have encouraged the use of an emergency medical kit and wearable medical jewelry as common and effective ways to help ensure members of the Marfan and related conditions community get the kind of support that is needed.

Looking for Emergency Preparedness for Another Condition?

Following your doctor’s recommendations for medication, monitoring, and physical activity gives you the best chance of avoiding a serious complication of related genetic aortic and vascular conditions.