Know the Signs, Fight for Victory

VEDS Connect

1st Tuesday of each month at 8 pm Eastern Time

If you have been diagnosed with VEDS, this group is specifically for you! This is an opportunity to meet others with VEDS and talk about the challenges we all face day-to-day. If you have not yet been diagnosed with VEDS, please check out the Seeking Diagnosis group here

*Please note, every member wanting to join this VEDS Connect group should have a genetically confirmed diagnosis of VEDS to attend. We will request that you confirm that you have a VEDS diagnosis before admitting you to this group. We rely on your honesty to keep this a safe space for group attendees. If you do not have a genetically confirmed diagnosis of VEDS, please sign up for the Seeking Diagnosis and Newly Diagnosed group instead.*


May 07 2024


8:00 pm


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