Know the Signs, Fight for Victory

Join our national effort to raise awareness of Marfan and related conditions among school nurses. This group of volunteers will represent the Foundation at state school nurse meetings (conferences) and connect with school nurses in their town and district. We’ll arm you with the materials and training to effectively communicate with school nurses, who are first-line protectors of our children’s healthcare.

To get involved, send your name, phone number, city, and state here.

Local School Nurses Conference

School nurses are at the front line of health for our nation’s children.

Every state has a school nurses association that holds a one to two day annual meeting featuring vendor exhibits. This is a great opportunity to ensure that school nurses in your state know the signs of Marfan and related conditions and the special considerations for affected children in their school.

We can provide the exhibit fee and send you materials for distribution (informational brochure, fact sheets, swag).

If you are interested, please contact us at