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NEW 2021 Procedure/Application for Inclusion in Institution Directory

To be listed on our institution directory, each institution MUST download, complete, and upload the pdf enabled application along with the medical director’s CV as outlined below. A one-hour discussion with the Foundation will also be required after completed applications are received.

The Marfan Foundation believes that many academic medical centers can provide exceptional diagnostic, management, and surgical services. Years of experience in the field, as well as the number of patients managed and the number of surgeries performed, can give a patient a sense of the level of expertise of a facility.

We have established a new procedure for listings in our institution directory. Institutions listed on our directory will be required to review and update information on a yearly basis. Beginning in 2021, we will provide our community with all clinic information and data based on information received through the application. The new application requires more information than our previous survey and will take some time to fill out and gather information. Additionally, new surgical statistics are requested and will be provided to our community.

For guidance on the required criteria and completing the new application, please download the document below. If you have any questions, please contact