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Physical Activity Guidelines

Regular exercise improves both physical and emotional well-being and can be incorporated safely into the routine of people with Marfan syndrome. Therefore, they are encouraged to adapt health measures that protect them from Marfan features that can worsen and from medical conditions that are simply part of the aging process. With an early diagnosis, treatment, and lifestyle adaptations, many people with Marfan syndrome can now expect to live a normal life span.    

These guidelines are intended for those with Marfan and related disorders, however, individuals may have unique disease-specific manifestations that require additional consideration and restrictions. Please consult with your physician about your individual case.

  • What are some guidelines and modifications that permit safer exercise for people with Marfan syndrome?
  • Why does physical activity have to be modified for people with Marfan syndrome?
  • What are different types of exercise and competition?
  • What do doctors worry about?

Find these answers and more in the “Physical Activities Guidelines” download.

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