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Help & Resource Center Director Jan Lynch Moving to Part-Time Role, Foundation Will Expand Center Staff Team

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Director of The Marfan Foundation’s Help & Resource Center Janice “Jan” Petrella Lynch, MSN, RN has elected to move to a part-time role with the Foundation so that she can spend more time with her loved ones while still providing her outstanding counsel to our community.

“I’m thrilled that I will be able to keep helping our community members — whom I hold so dear — while having the opportunity to spend more time with my family, including my grandchildren,” said Lynch.

“Jan’s special quality is that she takes everyone’s concerns to heart.  She listens, she comforts, and she provides hope for so many going through challenging medical journeys,” said Chief Science Officer for the Foundation Josephine Grima.

In light of Jan’s becoming part-time, the search has begun for a full-time director for the Help & Resource Center. Interested individuals can view the job posting here. Kathleen Bolton continues her work as full-time manager of the Help & Resource Center, including offering Spanish-language services to our community. With the addition of Jan’s successor, Kathleen’s work, and Jan’s continued part-time service, the Help & Resource Center will have more staff working together for our community than at any time in the Foundation’s history.

Foundation CEO & President Michael L. Weamer — who called Jan “a true STAR” — described mixed emotions in making the announcement regarding her shifting role.

“Jan joined the Marfan Foundation in April of 2017 and has provided truly remarkable support to countless members of our community and their families. Jan has also been a wonderful member of our staff team, a great partner with our Professional Advisory Board and medical professionals, and could always be counted upon to do whatever possible to support our community,” said Weamer.

“We are pleased Jan will not only support the search but also will be available to assist her successor in the early going in addition to her own ongoing part-time responsibilities. Jan, her successor, and Kathleen along with other members of our team will further strengthen our Help & Resource Center,” said Weamer.

Weamer added, “Please join me in wishing Jan a more than deserved opportunity to spend additional time with her loved ones and friends while still remaining part of our team!”

Those who would like to wish Jan well in her new part-time role may do so via this group greeting.

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